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SweetSip, LLC strives to provide eco-friendly alternatives to products that are harmful to our environment. From our conservation efforts to our various products, SweetSip is making a difference.

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Curb Coronavirus With Our Germ-Free Multitool

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Through SweetSip Stainless Steel straws, you're able to match your favorite tumbler. Our unique straws include brightly colored silicone stoppers and silencers which provide a unique drinking experience.

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SweetSip Silicone Straws are an inclusive alternatives for those who cannot use metal straws. These soft straws are gentle on teeth an gums and great for children. Not to mention, SweetSip silicone straws come with five fun colors!

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Create an Unforgetable Cocktail

SweetSip bamboo straws bring your party to the next level. This ecofriendly alternative allows the user with a one-of-a-kind drink that is beautiful. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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These foldable straws are AMAZING! The most affordable way to reduce plastic in our oceans! They are small enough to keep on your car keys and come with a small, portable cleaner for cleaning on the go!


I love using this straw when im at school, because if fits perfectly in my nalgene and it is easy to carry in my backpack with the little case. The cleaning rod is handy for when you drink anything other than water. It surely is a conversation starter with people around me when I whip it out. I have also been drinking more water since I got this straw which has positively impacted my health. 10/10 recommend.


I love this straw so much that I am already buying another. Super portable and cute :) and of course helps reduce reliance on single use plastic!!! Also the ends are silicone which is sooo nice if you have sensitive teeth and are worried about using a just metal straw!