SweetSip Telescoping Straw

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The future of reusable straws is here! 

SweetSip Telescoping Straws are perfect to throw in a purse, carry on a key chain, and take with you everywhere you travel. These straws are tiny enough to fit perfectly along your keys on a key ring. 

After a long day, just pop your dishwasher safe straw in the dishwasher, or hand wash. 


Cases Available in Rose Gold, Gold, Black, Red, and Silver


SweetSip Stainless Steel Straws are BPA Free, and dishwasher friendly. SweetSip reusable and Eco-Friendly straws have been created with an aim to decrease the amount of plastic straws that end up in various ecosystems. Since plastic straws are not decomposable, they are an increasing hazard to wildlife. SweetSip Stainless Steel Straws are also sleek and add to the décor of the perfect drink at a party, wedding, outing, or any situation! Although SweetSip Stainless Steel Straws are dishwasher friendly, cleaning brushes are included to make the cleanup process easier and more water efficient.